May Social – Held on A Dock

Remember, weather permitting, the May Social is combined with the A Dock party and will be held on the dock.  Beginning at 6:00.   Look forward to warmer weather and seeing everyone.  Also, several new families have joined our group over the winter.  Be sure to reach out and welcome them to PPYC.

Burgees & Club Calendars Now Available

PPYC Burgees will be available at the May 12th Social – cost is $30.00 per – See Carrie or Peg.

Club Calendars, featuring the photographs from the 2017 contest, and listing all scheduled activities for the year, will also be available – cost is $10.00 per – again see Carrie or Peg.

Board Meeting Notes – Feb 3rd

PPYC Board Meeting


February3, 2018


Members Present:

Dan and Kris Jurgensen

April Dunkelberg

Bryce Merrill and fiancé

Steve and Mary Nelson

Brad and Lisa Evans

Carrie and Chuck Jenkins

Mark Curfman

Bill and Mary Blackwood

Pat Haynes

Finances report from Bill Blackwood. Currently we have a balance of $6,976.80.

The annual calendar essentially breaks even cost wise. Everyone  likes having  the calendar and so we will continue printing it.  Carrie reported that the new calendar is in the works.

Carrie reported that she has about 10 club burgees left. $30 is the current price for a burgee.  The  cost of having them made will go up after the current batch have been sold.

Brad expressed thanks to Bill Haynes for agreeing to paint the winning photo from this year’s contest. The winner of the photo contest was Jeff Floyd.

Brad asked for a vote to do away with the $5.00 penalty for late payment of club dues. The motion carried.  A $5 penalty will not be assessed.

Bill Blackwood brought up names still on the list of club members who did not pay dues last year. It was agreed that we will attempt to contact non-paying members to determine their status.  Currently there are 54 full members and 30 associate members.

A question was asked whether the club needs to pay taxes. Since we are a not for profit organization we do not have to file a tax return.

It was reported that some members of the club are currently in Grenada. General grumbling ensued.

Dan reported on Learn to Sail Classes. Park Hill will initiate the sign up on April 16.  The cost will be $225 and the club will net $155 from each sign up.  May 29 is when the classes start.  Dan opened a discussion about whether we can provide on the water training on cruisers owned by club members instead of training students on the Sweet 16s.  Excessive wind the last couple of years was cited as a factor.  It was mentioned that the Sweet 16s could be used in tandem with cruisers as well as being made available to students for practicing maneuvers.  The board agreed to table the vote until insurance ramifications can be explored.  An email will be sent to board members with the insurance information and the motion will be voted on.

Bryce said the racing schedule will be similar to last years. The club pontoon boat will be brought up to code along with oil change and other maintenance on April 21.  The spring clean up of the Sweet 16s will take place on May 19.  The 16s need to be maintained whether they are used for on the water training or if they are sold at some point.  The first Wine Cooler race will be held on Monday, April 16 and the first Beer Can race will take place on Wednesday, April 18.  The last Wine Cooler will be August 27 and the last Beer Can of the season will be August 29.  The Full Moon sail this year will take place on Friday, July 27.  Sunset will occur at 8:30

There was a discussion about whether the club should move our bank account to the Platte Valley Bank in Smithville since we use their basement for some of our Socials. It was decided that moving the account is not necessary.

Carrie opened the discussion about the socials. It was decided that we will have the July social in the afternoon (as we did last year).  Someone asked whether we needed to reserve the shelter for our Saturday socials.  It is not necessary to reserve it per the county.    Because of the popularity of the Dock Parties last year it was decided that the dock parties will continue this year.  It was also agreed that three of the “normal” socials would be replaced by a dock party.  A Dock will host the May social/dock party.  B Dock will host the June party and C Dock will host the September party.  July, August and October will have regular socials.  It was suggested that following the April Ice Breaker Social if members wished the group could move to Kozac’s after the bank has be cleaned up.

Brad recommended that current board members keep an eye out for other members to take over their positions. Lisa suggested adding a section to the sign up sheets at the April social that asks members how they would like to participate with club activities and if they have an interest in participating as an officer.

This year’s boat show was discussed. The consensus was that it was a waste of time and funds.

Mark reported that there was not enough interest last year in having the Boy Scouts use the Sweet 16s. He will check with the scouts to see if there is any interest this year.

There was a discussion about opening Paradise Point Yacht Club membership to power boaters at the lake. It was agreed to be a good idea.

2018 Web Calendar Updated – See Notes !!!

We updated the calendar to include the scheduled events for the 2018 season.  Just a few of the changes include – Socials incorporated with Dock Parties – Wine Cooler Races moved to Mondays – Learn-to-Sail program to utilize the cruiser fleet 22 foot and above.  Use the calendar function to stay current – and as always – Subject to Change !!!

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