OMG – The Season’s Gone !!

Cold weather is here – Christmas is just around the corner – and boats still need to be winterized and/or stored.  What happened to this year?  Seems we just started.

2017 was a crazy year with several twists.  The weather just did not want to cooperate, too hot or no wind, not many good sailing days.   Several of the racing sailors found themselves on the hard much of the year.  And we have to say fair winds and following seas to several in our group that are relocating out of the area.

On the up-side, with the help of many volunteers, the Learn-to-Sail program was another very successful event.  The facilities are actually in pretty good shape, including progress made in Dry Sail.  New members and volunteers continue to pump the energy level.  And the fleet has grown with boats brought in by new members as well as those stepping up a foot or two or three.

Looking forward to an excellent 2018.  Expect a carryover of many of the successful events and an expanded racing program with current and new members ready to go.

And please, PPYC is our sailing club.  As a member, we need your help and ideas to keep building and evolving to add value to our programs and continue to support the sport of Sailing in the Kansas City Metro Area.

Don’t miss the January social – hosted by PPYC.  Time and Date TBD – but Commodore Brad is committed – seriously – committed.

Thanks again for all you do –